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The RV Renovation | Before & After

Alas! Here is the grand unveiling of our newly renovated Fifth Wheeler! We are really excited to share our RV Renovation with you as the finished product turned out a lot better than we ever dreamed of!

Note, I am planning on posting some more details surrounding the actual renovation and also some more pictures of the finished product.

Hopefully this gives you a good enough insight into where we are currently living. For the record, we are LOVING it. I think it’s the best home we’ve ever lived in, between you and me 🙂

So, bit of background information. We have broken our RV into 4 main areas

– Living Room
– Kitchen & Dining
– Bathroom
– Bedr0om



Here is a better shot of the ‘living room’:


Here is a look at the fridge, new kitchen and the dining area:


Ahh, and the newly renovated kitchen!

Kitchen Renovation



If you’re wondering if the bed looks bigger in the after shots, yes it is. Drikus rebuilt and upgraded the bed so that we would have more storage below it and be able to fit a queen size mattress on top of it. Now we have a nice big, comfortable bed to sleep on and loads more storage to keep stuff hidden away in. Woohoo! Go Drikus!





That big white thing in the shower in the above ‘after’ shot is our washing machine. We keep it there when we drive and just take it out when we need to shower. It’s an awesome little machine!


I’d still like to spray paint the actual toilet & shower with white epoxy spray, but we’re too busy exploring the country to worry about the little things like that. After all, at least they’re working! Can’t complain!

And that’s all for now! More detailed ‘after’ pics to come. Watch this space.



  1. hi there fellow aussies. love what you did with the fifth wheeler!!! we have an rv in the states also. heading back for the winter this year. i sometimes play with the idea of renovating our little rig also. i was just wondering what you used on the walls and ceiling?? is the finish lasting ok on the road?

    it all looks really nice and fresh. good job. have fun on the road, regards stuart

      1. Thanks Chris and Stuart! This is great question. (sorry for the late reply) I did lots of research and decided that the best way to get a smooth finish, even if it was more work was to use a spray gun. After we stripped the whole inside, we primed the walls, ceiling, all the cupboards and even bits of the floor with Bullseye Primer from Home Depo
        Then we pick an off shade of white that we liked and sprayed it over the primer. The white really made the trailer look bigger.

  2. Can you tell us more about the washing machine? I have been looking at them and haven’t decided which one to get.

    1. Hi Tudy, Sorry for the late reply. We bought the Panda Portable XPB36, I believe there is a newer model now XPB45 that you ca get from Amazon
      We stored it in the shower our whole trip and it worked great, the water could be drained down the shower and it worked very well. It has two sections a washer and dryer, we would only put half a load in the dryer at a time as we found it left our clothes drier. Hope this helps.

  3. What kind of flooring did you use on the slide outs. I really want to get rid of the carpet in my camper and this is what I was looking for

  4. Hi there. May I rudely ask your age range & what you do for $$?
    Tried to convince hubby to do this BEFORE home & kids but he didn’t see the sense. Now he wishes he listened!
    The youngest is near grown now, so no time like the present to plan!

    1. Hi Tammy, We are in our mid 20’s and worked in IT and online advertising before going on your adventure of a lifetime. It’s been more than a year since we have returned home, but we have never regretted the trip and are very grateful we got the opportunity to do it.

  5. Your camper looks amazing! My fiance and I are in process of renovation of our 96 Conquest we bought. I was wondering did you replace the counter top and vanity top? Thanks for any advice.

    1. Hi Angela, You are not the first person we have fooled. We actually did not replace the counter top and vanity top, we painted them with a kit. After the trailer was painted the counter tops looked really old and dated, replacing them seemed difficult and costly, we opted to buy a Giani™ Countertop Paint Kit, Bombay Black from amazon. There was more than enough for both countertops and we were relly happy with the results.

  6. Love your remodel! We are in the process of remodeling our fifth wheel, can you tell me more about the window shades? During travel did you keep them rolled up? Or did you create a latch to hold them in place?

    1. Hi Kamilie, We bought the TUPPLUR block out blinds from IKEA for our windows in the fifth wheel. They worked great to block out the sun, especially when we were in Alaska in July and the sun shines past midnight. We usually kept them rolled up when we traveled but sometimes left them down they sometimes came up on the drive. We did not install a latch to hold them in place but you easily could. You can find the blinds we bought here

    1. Hi Debbie, We used Trafficmaster Allure Grey Maple through the whole trailer and we go it from Home Depo
      We even used it on the slideout and for the edging I allowed it to overlay about one inch. This worked ok after 6 months on the road the flooring that did overlay did start to break but I though I could always get some more from Home Depo and then redo it. Hope that helps. If you find a better way to do it please let us know?

      1. Do you catch the edge of the slide out with your foot when you step close to it? We live in our RV now for 3 yrs for work. I would love to do this and get rid of the carpet. Just didn’t know how to finish the edge of the slide out plywood.
        Thanks Jenni

        1. Hi Jenni, We used the Allure Traffic Master for the flooring and extended it about half an inch over the plywood from the slideout. It might not be the perfect finish but it worked for us. WE had some spare flooring left in case a bit of flooring tore.

  7. Hi there! Love the Reno!! Question: where did you get the blinds/window cover for the bedroom? I’m renovating my RV and love your style.

  8. Hi. We have a 1994 Fleetwood. The cabinets are ugly brown cheap cabinets with the paper over them that simulate wood. Also they have the cheap fake brass trim inlay-ed around the cabinets and drawers. Also, at the end of a row of cabinets as the end of the cabinet rounds down and back it has like a sort of rubber-plastic trim. I am wanting to paint all the cabinets white. I was wondering if your camper had any of this type of trim and if so how is it holding up to paint? Thanks

    1. We spray painted our brass handles black However, our cabinets did not have paper or laminate over them. We sanded the cabinets and then spray painted them. they held up really well though the paint did wear a little where the door made contact. I hope that answers your question.

  9. Love your remake, it is lovely. We have an older 5 th wheel and I painted the walls a number of years ago with Behr primer/pant in one and it looked great. Still need to do all the wood cabinets later so your information will be very helpful.
    The flooring you used is very nice and although a different colour, the same brand we have in both our cabin and a little Trillium trailer we also have. Some people have been very surprised to hear that even though we have exttreme temperatures (30+ to -30) they have never rippled, lifted or been an issue.
    We do not travel with it but use it as a guest house for overflow visits and will be redoing the outside and add a deck in the next year or so. Do you have any experience with redoing the exterior? My wish is to have it look more like a house with wood exterior.

    1. Hi Judy, thanks for the comment. We loved redoing the inside of our RV, unfortunately we don’t have any experience with redoing the exterior.

  10. Love your Reno!! I was wondering when you replaced the floor in the bathroom, did you remove the toilet and tile all the way to the flange? Did you remove the flange and then replace it after you finished tiling? Thanks for your help!!!

    1. From memory, we only removed the front cover of the toilet and used the Allure Traffic Master as close to the flange as possible.

  11. Great job throughout! Where did you get the dining table? It appears that there are storage cabinets or drawers in the rear side, right? Did the chairs come with the table or did you buy them separately?

  12. Love it!!!! Turned out amazing! I am currently remodeling my camper. I have one very important question for you….Where did you get your gray roller shades for the windows????

  13. We just got an rv and want to remodel but I’m just unsure where to start…I don’t want to rip EVERYTHING out…but I would like to fix/repair what we need and pretty much everyone needs fixed or update…what would you recommend? All the carpet needs ripped up…but I’m just not sure what to do first…love your remodel! Hopefully ours will look as good as yours!

    1. The remodelling process can be fun but also hard work. Replacing the carpets or flooring makes a big difference, but almost everything needs to be removed to remove the old flooring. Often when RV are constructed the flooring is put in before the bed or any other fixtures are screwed down. We had to remove basically everything to remove our old flooring. We chose to use a spray gun to paint so we removed everything and started on a clean slate, if that is not an option for you I would suggest tackling one project or section at a time, eg paint one wall, replace the blinds, change a mirror.


    1. After we removed the old carpet (and flooring underneath the carpet) the was space to slip the new flooring underneath the slideout. The slideout flooring overlapped the main cabins flooring and did not catch when we moved it in and out. We used the Allure Traffic Master and it stayed in place.

  15. Looks great! Makes me excited to get started on our 5th wheel reno! Did you paint over that wall paper on the walls? Or did you have to sand or peel it off first? Also, I love that blanket on your bed. May I ask where you got it?

    1. Hi Leah, the only wall paper we removed was the small strip in the middle of all the walls in the main cabin. You should be able to see on the photos. After that we spray painted over everything. I believe we bought the blanket from IKEA to cover the bead.

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