Drive to Fairbanks & the Chena Hot Springs

Denali National Park

Okay you guys, Alaska is SCENIC! The entire drive so far has just been incredible!! Although, we saw a tonne of bears on the drive TO Alaska, we have failed to spot any since we’ve been here. And since my dad has joined us, it would be really great to see a few, just for him! Fingers crossed!

We did a couple of things on the drive to Fairbanks, we found an incredible campsite and we checked out the Chena Hot Springs.

1. Stopped to take in the views

1-stop to enjoy the views

Did I mention that Alaska was scenic? Those skies! Those mountains! That greenery! We couldn’t help but stop to take it all in. The camera does not do it justice!

2. We learned that the best view is from the top..

2-roof is the best vantage point

Of our Laredo that is!!! Wooo! We climbed to the top and got some amazing shots (pictured above) I just wanted to show you some of us on the roof, because it was fun. SAH HIGH!

3. Made a pit stop at an ice cream shop


Which was closed at the time! Big Boo! So we had to help our selves to some refreshing beverages from our Fifth Wheel fridge. Yay for always having your house follow you!

3. Pulled into the Chena Campsite

5-the campsite

A lot of people have asked us what our favourite campsite is so far. This one would probably be way up there on the list. Look at all that greenery (I’ve already used that word too many times in this post, GREENERY!!!!). And they went all out with the decor. Can anyone say “big ol pile of Moose Antlers!” It was super quaint. You can’t really see it in the pictures, but the bottom left hand ‘pond’ is actually called “ice skating pond” I’m guessing in winter it freezes and the little kiddies (and maybe some adults?) enjoy it in all it’s frozen glory.

4. Campfire, dinner and beer time

4-campfire dinner and beers

When in Alaska, you have to drink Alaska Summer Ale, it’s actually pretty good. We had some burgers and ONE beer (okay, 2) before we went to the Chena Hot Springs… by the way, did I mention that the campsite is located at the Hot Springs – how convenient

5. Chena Hot Springs

6-Chena Hot Springs

The springs were nice, but we have been spoiled with the Liard Hot Springs. As you can see from the pics above, the entrance was this hall and a concrete slope that just leads into the springs. There wasn’t a deck or anywhere to sit. And the water was pretty hot. Even at the ‘cool’ end. All that you could sit on were the giant rocks you see all around. But they were kinda slimy and hard to get up on. The one nice thing about this spring was that they had a fountain with some cool water right in the middle. So if you get hot you can go cool off there. It would be nice if there was more of a seating area.

Also there wasn’t much space to put your towels and personal belongings – they did have lockers though.

We stayed there until 10.30/11pm and it was still light. Then we headed on over to bed!

What a great day! Alaska, you are exceeding all of our expectations so far!




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