Jackson, Mississippi!

We woke up at a gorgeous lake in Mississippi, it’s so nice having the RV and being able to pull up almost anywhere for the night and then wake up to stunning views of the sunrise. We (Drikus) spent the morning kayaking, and then hit the road to Jackson, Mississippi. I don’t think we ever would have gone there if it wasn’t for Bruno Mars, so, um, thanks for that?

It was pretty run down, but we had fun looking at some of the government buildings.

The highlight in Mississippi (apart from finally learning how to spell it!) was seeing the Mississippi river. Granted, it’s not the most beautiful river we’ve seen on this trip, but it’s the freaking Mississippi!

Funny story about this day, we ended up driving down a dead end road and because our truck is so big we accidentally hit a fire hydrant. I think the locals thought we were crazy. Lucky we have an uh-mazing truck and not too much damage was done.

Although, this led us to the discovery that our water pump was broken, Drikus managed to successfully replace the water pump in a Walmart parking lot. Kudos to him!

Here are our happy snaps 🙂


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  • June 9, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    ja doesn’t look too impressive hey


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