Bumps Along the Road [part 2]

So this is a little series that I’ve decided to write. Every now and then we encounter little ‘incidents’ along the road. Sometimes in the moment they are stressful, frustrating, or hilarious. Either way, they’re part of our story and are worth sharing.

The first post can be found here.


So we were on our way to Virginia, when all of a sudden Drikus says out loud “are those sparks behind us?!?!” I couldn’t see and he wasn’t sure so we kept on driving.

Again, he goes “I think those are sparks behind us”

So we quickly pull over on the side of the road to check out what’s going on at the back of our RV.

We’re 11 minutes away from our destination.

Turns out, the metal tray that our kayaks were sitting on had come loose and was literally DRAGGING along the road (that’s what was causing the sparks!)

So Drikus, got his tools out, unhitched the kayaks, and we had to clean them off and put them inside the RV (not a lot of space in their, so it was super squished!)

Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but this was actually the very first ‘incident’ we had whilst travelling, so for us it was huge.


Bumps along the Road

The even more insane thing was that the next day, Drikus took the RV through the teeny tiny streets of Virginia to a welder whose shop happened to be on the top of a very tight hill. And he managed to REVERSE the RV all the way up the hill without hitting anything. The welder was awesome, and got the job done in under 3o minutes and it didn’t cost us that much.

This is what makes good stories!


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