Breakfast at Maura’s | Alaska


Okay, I had to write this post for one reason, and one reason alone. We struggle to find boutique places to eat in America. All we seem to find is chain restaurant after chain restaurant and they all have exactly the same food. In Australia we have so much variety when it comes to food and unique places to eat. This has been one of the things that we’ve missed the most about Australia.

Anyway, the one morning we were driving around Alaska, looking for somewhere to eat, when we stumbled across Maura’s place. I’m sorry in advance if this is a chain, but we haven’t seen one before, nor have we seen one since, so we’re assuming that this was a local home owned store!

Look how cute the inside was, and how amazing the food looked! We really had a great time, it was small and cute and it seemed like a one-of-a-kind little food place. We loved it!


Breakfast in Alaska



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