4 Reasons why you need to visit Liard Hot Springs


Remember that time we visited the hot springs in Banff? Well those hot springs were great, but it was basically just a swimming pool that you had to PAY for to go to. I’m not saying that’s not worth it but here are a few reasons why you definitely need to add Liard Hot Springs to your bucket list.

1. They’re Gorgeous!!!

Seriously, scroll down and look at these pictures. They look so natural (they are!) But they’ve built a nice deck so it’s comfortable to get in and out. But when you’re in the springs it feels like you are in the middle of the jungle in an amazing natural pool

2. They make it comfortable

I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but the water flows downstream. So right at the top, it’s boiling hot. You don’t want to go there. I don’t think many people even could stay there it’s close to boiling water! But as you make your way down the water gets a bit cooler, but still warm. It’s nice and big too, so you can find the right temperature and just chill out there.

And when I say they make it comfortable, I mean it. They’ve built concrete blocks into it so you can sit down in the middle of the pool. But the deck also has some stairs in it that are submerged so you can chill out there too. Also, the floor is so nice, they’ve got these black rocks that you walk on and it stops all the gross gunk getting into the water and makes it feel nice and clean

Oh, and there are plenty of facilities for you to use, like showers and toilets. So it’s definitely very comfortable there.

3. They’re FREE

yup, $0 to enter them. I think the only catch is that you have to stay at the park to use them. But still, you would think for springs this beautiful, they would charge at least a small entrance fee. But nope.

4. They’re open 24/7

WOOOOOHOOOO!!! you know why this is good (in summer)?? Because there is so much freaking daylight. Did I mention that the below photos were taking well after midnight?! Lots of light and time to enjoy the majestic springs!

Now if these four reasons aren’t enough to convince you, here is an extra little bonus reason

They’re rated amongst one of the top 3 hot springs in the world!

and the first rated spring, is not available to humans because monkeys occupy it. Yup it’s in Japan.

And if that little bonus reason wasn’t enough to convince you, have a look at the pictures for yourself!

Oh, and let me know when you book your trip to Canada, because I’m coming with!


Seeeeee!!! I told you! 🙂


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