Nova Scotia | Cabot Trail


Today was another early start for us, check out that sunrise!! We got up early so we could hit the road to the Cabot Trail and get to the Skyline Hike. It was a goo 7.5km hike and took us a couple of hours, but oh my gosh, it was worth it. The view of the ocean was magnificent. The blues were so blue the greens were super green. Ah, I wish I could go back.

The only bad thing about the hike was that we had read that it’s a good place to spot a Moose, an animal that we’ve never seen before. We kept our eyes open the whole time and didn’t see a single animal, not even a squirrel. Oh well, the views made up for it.

See for yourself.


Cabot Trail

Oh! And we saw some “snow” today, if you call smushy ice snow that is. I still had fun.

One thought on “Nova Scotia | Cabot Trail

  • July 28, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    The ocean view is really stunning! Great jump 🙂


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