Rollercoaster fun at Cedar Point

For those of you who know me, I’m a Rollercoaster FANTATIC. I love them. Can’t get enough. So when we drove past Cedar Point, which is apparently roller coaster heaven I was itching to go. However, Drikus & his sister Louise who had joined us, both don’t like theme parks. So this meant I had to go solo.

It was a bit awkward.

But still, the Roller Coaster thrills made up for it.

Poor Drikus, he just sat patiently with an ice cold coke at each ride!

Check out these coasters!


My personal favourite was called Top Thrill Dragster. It’s a 17 second ride that goes 0 – 120kms in just 4 seconds!!! Driks managed to get a shot of me whilst riding in the front.


LOOK HOW HIGH IT GOES!! ahh bliss.



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