Eminems Hometown | Detroit

For those of you who know me, massive eminem fan. Drikus too. So you can imagine that we were more than excited to drive through Detroit. We even looked up the street where he grew up and visited it. And we checked out 8 mile.

It was pretty sad though, there are so many abandoned houses and stores there. What was once a thriving city now practically sits in ruins and poverty.

I can definitely say that I appreciated Ems music even more now that I’ve seen first hand where he’s from.


The plot of land you see below is where eminems house used to stand – it’s been demolished.

Check out how scared we look – literally in da hood.


Like I said, a whole bunch of abandoned houses and establishments, full of graffiti. We did, however, take a drive through the city. It looked a little better! I actually wouldn’t mind coming back to explore the city if we had more time.



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