Washington, DC


We parked our RV on the side of some little road in Washington after several failed attempts at parking lots (all which turned out to be privately owned so we couldn’t park there)

We got our bikes out and cycled to The White House. Which was PACKED. There were so many tourists there taking pictures. As well as NUMEROUS protesters. It was cray. There were a fair amount of schools/camps that were visiting, so what I’m trying to get at, is there were a lot of people around. Oh well, we still saw The White House. That was pretty cool.

We then cycled on over to the Washington Monument. This was surreal to see, because it’s something that is so prominent in many movies/TV shows we watch. We really enjoyed seeing that.

Then we got back on our bikes and cycled across to the Lincoln Memorial. Again, this was pretty awesome because it feels like we’ve been there before. Drikus loved it, because his all time favourite movie is Forrest Gump and there is that famous scene there. Again, this place was PACKED!!!!! There were so many people all taking the same pictures.

So, with that being said, here are all of our touristy snaps! 🙂




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