The Minneapolis Cherry, the cows that swam, and the Bass Lake Cheese Factory



Okay, so I’m kind of merging two posts into one today. The reason being, all we really did in Minneapolis was go to this giant as spoon with a huge as cherry on it. So random, yet so cool! We loved it.

We stayed with some friends in Wisconsin, which was great, because they took us to some pretty awesome spots.

Spot 1: The Swimming Cows

Okay, so this wasn’t actually planned, but as we were driving to a cheese factory, we drove past some cows that were LITERALLY swimming. Now, I’m not sure if this is a norm for you North American’s, but we’ve never seen it. So of course, we stopped to take some photos.

Spot 2: The Lake (of which I don’t remember the name… sorry)

I think it might’ve been called Lake Knight…? Drikus, if you’re reading this now and can remember, quickly edit it!!! hehe

Either way, we stopped and BBQ’d there and it was super tranquil and beautiful. Seriously, check out the pictures of how still the lake was. And there was this awesome view point, that was super green and scenic. We loved it.

Spot 3: The Bass Lake Cheese Factory

We. LOVE. Cheese. mmmm cheese… it was awesome seeing all the different kinds of cheese they had to offer, and most of them weren’t that funky orange cheese that is all we can find in grocery stores these days… seriously people, orange cheese… it aint right.

We sampled some cheeses, and ended up buying this super yummy spicy cheddar.

BUT WAIT, the biggest thing we discovered in Wisconsin, at the Bass Lake Cheese Factory (I swear this isn’t a sponsored post) is that THEY LITERALLY HAVE THE WORLDS BEST ICE CREAM. I’ve named it. It was amazing. Just a simple soft serve. But it was good, and cheap! And huge. Drikus even had two of them it was so good.

Oh man, take me back to Wisconsin for that Ice Cream.

Here are our happy snaps of the Cherry, the cows, the cheese, and last but not least, THE ICE CREAM.





How quaint is the little Bass Lake Cheese Factory. And look at that Ice Cream, see, I told ya!

2 thoughts on “The Minneapolis Cherry, the cows that swam, and the Bass Lake Cheese Factory

  • July 26, 2015 at 12:43 pm

    I am very jealous about that ice cream!! There must be a link between the cows swimming and the nice ice cream 🙂


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