Introducing our New Home – The Laredo Fifth Wheeler

Loredo-1This is our beautiful 2007 Laredo Fifth Wheeler. She is waiting for us is Nashville Tennessee.

Now a lot of these fifth wheelers are made for people in their 50’s or 60’s who are retiring. Lets just say that they have different taste to us. So we are planning on renovating and fixing her up to meet our tastes and needs… more details on that to come!


This is the kitchen and main living area. There is a slideout which makes the area much bigger.


Another picture of the kitchen. Not as much bench space as I would like, but we will be sure to implement some hacks to increase this a little.


We were originally thinking about replacing the couch with a daybed from Ikea but we’ve heard that it’s in quite good condition so we will wait until we can see it in person and then decide if we’ll up-cycle it or replace it. Either way, I’m looking forward to giving it a fresh new look. We’ll also be looking at giving the dining room table and chairs a fresh lick of new paint to freshen them up.


A different view. Up the stairs to the left is our bathroom and right in front of the stairs you can see our bedroom. I’m excited to get rid of all this old wallpaper and replace it with something lighter which should hopefully make the RV look a bit bigger.


Pictured above is our bed, not a lot of space either side but we’ll make do with it. I like the power points above the headboard.


Here is our bathroom. It looks to be in good condition so we’re excited abut this.


And here is the reverse view of the living room and kitchen from the bedroom. There is space for a TV above the closet to the left.

So, what do you think? We’re super excited to just get to Nashville and start working on our baby! Can’t wait to share the progress with you. If you have any ideas or tips please share them!

Love Megs xo

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