Chicago, Illinois


You guys, Chicago has Nandos!! For all my American’s following our journey, if you don’t know what Nandos is, it’s the most amazing Portuguese flame grilled chicken and chips you will ever eat. Trust me. You need to book a flight to Chicago, and go pronto.

For all my aussie followers, yes, we drove an hour and a half from our campsite in Chicago, at night, to go and eat the goodness that is Nandos. And this Nandos was awesome. Unlimited soft drinks!!!!! And they have garlic bread. Ahh, take me back.

Okay, so Chicago. Loved it. I mean, we only really saw it for a few hours at night, and then about 3 hours during the day. We went to Millennium Park, where that awesome glass ball is that features in a tonne of movies. And we went to the Chicago theatre.

It’s a big city, with loads of awesome buildings. I loved driving through the streets. I’d love to go back and explore more of the food and sights there one day.

Here are our happy snaps!


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