Exit Glacier | Alaska


I find the timing of this post impeccable! For those who don’t know, Obama was in Alaska recently and he visited Exit Glacier and posted the below picture (right) on the White House instagram. Anyway, we thought it was funny because we took the exact same photo with my dad, as 1961 is his birth year! Kinda cool for us Australians….


Anyway, we heard about Exit Glacier at the campsite we were staying at, and it sounded awesome. The hike wasn’t too long which was nice. the views along the way to the Glacier were gorgeous! And the glacier itself, was just beautiful. It was pretty sad though, the markers that Obama and my dad are standing at above, are where the glacier used to reach to in those years. It’s shrunk a whole lot! Because of this, we weren’t allowed to walk up to the glacier and touch it which was a bit sad.

Anyway, here are some of the pics we took while we were there 🙂

Exit Glacier-FS


Just beautiful, I love all the blues that you can see in the glacier!

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