Skunky and the Ranch

I’m sure you would have seen the one picture that we posted of our little skunk friend. But, that was not enough, so today, I bring to you, MORE PICTURES OF SKUNKY!!!!

A few people had some questions about skunk so let me answer these before I go on to the picture.

1. Where did he come from?

Our friend found him as an orphan and was looking after him

2. Did he spray you?

No, thank goodness, but he did still have his stinker. It was like playing with a loaded gun. But I still loved him.

3. Did you do anything else at the ranch apart play with the skunk?

Yes! haha we shot some clay pigeons, which turns out, I’m not very good at, but D is a pro, so be careful. I’m also terrible at throwing the clay pigeons, so… yea. I had the boys in stitches (laughing, not from wounds that were caused!!) We also went horse back riding, which was amazing. Oh, and we hung out with our good friend, Clint. It’s his ranch.

So there you go, here are some pictures of Skunky! He was especially cute when he was feeding. I miss him!!!

The Ranch


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