5 things we got up to in Banff National Park




#1 Had some wine and cheese (from Wisconsin) at our campsite

Because, what better way to start our time in Banff with some Vino and Cheese. Also, the campsites are pretty beautiful. Think, lots of trees, tables, very scenic and comfortable.

#2 Visited the Banff Hot Springs

I’d never been to hot springs before… I was expecting mountain backdrops (which we had) lots of natural rocks and a natural spring (which we did not have). It was spring water, in the form of a swimming pool. You have to pay an entrance fee to get in, which is understandable, but I really didn’t expect the Hot Springs to look so…. unlike hot springs?? The water was nice though! Super warm. It was a bit crowded for my liking though.

Still, I’ve never been in a swimming pool, er, I mean Hot Springs, with such a scenic backdrop, it was nice.

#3 Saw a Grizzly Bear

We saw a few bears in Yellowstone, but they were sooooooo farrrrr awaaayyyyyy!!! This was the first bear that was within a few meters (or feet) away from us. We stopped and got a few good snaps, so that was a big highlight for us!

#4 Fell in love with snow capped mountains

So. Many. Mountains. And so close, and the skies were just blue blue blue! It was so beautiful. And every lake had this gorgeous aqua colour to it. It was divine. We went a bit camera happy and took way too many pictures, but it’s so worth it! We loved driving through the mountains. We also saw a few glaciers, but were a bit ignorant of what exactly they were, and didn’t take as many photos of them as we should’ve. Dont’ worry though, we made up for that in Alasksa!

#5 Checked out Lake Louise

Ahhh, yes, the famous Lake Louise. This place was awesome. And huge, and aqua green/blue!!! It was gorgeous! We didn’t stay too long, because it was a bit crowded, but the pics we got were amazing. It was great being there. My one regret, was not putting my hand in to feel the water (dang! but at least we have a reason to go back!!)

Anyway, enough of me blabbing on, here are all of our happy snaps!




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