7 things we learned in Florida

Oh Florida, you did not disappoint. Miami was gorgeous! They Keys were amazing! And the weather, well, I’m more of a hot and humid kinda gal, so it was just my cup of tea (iced tea, that is!)


So, key takeaways from the state of Florida….

1. Vultures can, and will, destroy your vehicle in the Everglades national park. Don’t worry, we are prepared for future national parks, we’ve already purchased our Bear Spray (yes, Australians, that is a real thing) but if y’all have any other tips to save us from being ignorant tourists, that’d be just great!

2. Hollywood beach in Miami reminds us of our beaches back home in Perth. Except here, you can drink beer on them and not get in trouble. One of my personal highlights was getting some pizza and a beer and watching people stroll on by. Yes there were definitely people in rollerblades!

3. Cruise ships leave on time here. And yes, they really do close the gates and do not permit boarding, even if the boat is still in the harbour

4. We love squirrels! And squirrels apparently love Mangoes!

5. Speaking of mangoes, our campsite had trees growing hundreds of them. So we picked some and had the most delicious mangoes for days. I even baked a Mango cheesecake in the RV, okay, fine, maybe it was four mango cheesecakes. We had a lot of mangoes that needed to be eaten okay! And now I feel like I’ve overused the word Mang. Mango.


6. The southern most part of the continental US is in Key West. Pretty cool spot.

7. Gators are more afraid of you than you are of them. We tried to get up and close with one of them in the Everglades, you know, to get “the shot” but he turned and ran away quicker than you can say ‘oh hey, there’s a gator’

Anyway, that’s enough from me, at least, until next time! xx

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