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I trashed my dress…..

So, for those of you who don’t know what Trash the Dress is… it’s a photoshoot that usually occurs after a bride gets married. Couples take photos in cool locations, like in the ocean, or rivers, or mud, or with paint to “trash” the dress. I decided that if I was going to do a trash the dress, the US was an awesome location, actually, all 50 states were an awesome location! So, after dragging my dress around for the last six months, I’m finally able to show you the end results! I’m pretty excited about sharing these photos! Enjoy!

FYI the pictures are in alphabetical order…

1. Alabama


We stopped by the U.S Space & Rocket centre in Huntsville Alabama and decided that this was an awesome spot for the dress shoot – in front of a space ship!

Map of Alabama – Single Color by

2. Alaska


Alaska was our favourite state! It was so beautiful and the landscapes were endless! We stopped on the side of the road to take this picture. I picked some wildflowers that just so happened to match my beanie!

Map of Alaska – Single Color by

3. Arizona


The Grand Canyon was incredible. It was so vast and diverse, extremely hard to capture everything in a single image!

Map of Arizona – Single Color by

4. Arknasas


Arkansas was a small little state that we mainly just ended up driving through. However, we did take a little detour to find this beautiful lake. It was raining on the day, but the umbrella just added to the photo. Arkansas was very green and this picture captured that nicely!

Map of Arkansas – Single Color by

5. California


California was hard! Where to take the picture? San Fransisco? LA? San Diego? So many options! We decided to not play favourites and instead stopped by the Redwood National Forrest. It made the perfect backdrop for the Californian Trash the Dress!

Map of California – Single Color by

6. Colorado


It would have been nice to do the Colorado shoot somewhere in the mountains, but our timing just didn’t allow for it. Instead managed to get this cool shot in the middle of the farmland areas!

Map of Colorado – Single Color by

7. Connecticut


We specifically drove to Lighthouse Point to take the dress picture! I’m so glad we did, it was a gorgeous little location. There was actually another wedding going on just to the right of this picture! Little bit awkward, but still fun!

Map of Connecticut – Single Color by

8. Delaware


I wanted to do a dress photo at one state sign, and since we only drove through Delaware and didn’t get much time to explore the small state, this one was perfect. People driving by were really nice, honking their horns and yelling out “congratulations!!”

Map of Delaware – Single Color by

9. Florida


Couldn’t take the picture anywhere other than the beach in Florida!

Map of Florida – Single Color by

10. Georgia


So, for those who don’t know, Atlanta is where the Coke headquarters are. And they had these cool cans with different words on them. One of them was “explorer” which is exactly what we were doing. This photo just felt right for Georgia.

Map of Georgia – Single Color by

11. Hawaii


This is probably my favourite photo of all of them! We found a secluded spot in Honolulu that you had to climb through a hidden tunnel in order to get there. The sun was just setting and it was so picturesque!

Map of Hawaii – Single Color by

12. Idaho


This national park was so unique, it felt like we were on another planet! You can’t really see it in the picture, but it was super windy at the top of the hill that we climbed to get this shot! It was a fun location!

Map of Idaho – Single Color by

13. Illinois


We had to get up SUPER early in order to get into the city before there were too many people around. It was also a bit rainy so we had to bring out the umbrella again. But I love this photo! Chicago was a beautiful city and it’s definitely one that I’d love to go back to in the future.

Map of Illinois – Single Color by

14. Indiana


We drove through a town called Gary, Indiana. It was seriously creepy. Everything was abandoned, schools, hospitals, houses, stores – everything! There was graffiti everywhere. There were hardly any cars or people around. We tried to find somewhere, semi safe, so take the photo and ended up finding this cool-looking abandoned warehouse

Map of Indiana – Single Color by

15. Iowa


We found this cool bridge in Iowa, apparently it’s even more awesome looking at night because it lights up.

Map of Iowa – Single Color by

16. Kansas


“There’s no place like home; there’s no place like home” I just had to do a red glittery shoed Wizard of Oz themed shoot in Kansas.

Map of Kansas – Single Color by

17. Kentucky


This was our first shoot for this project – eating Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kentucky. Couldn’t think of a better way to start!

Map of Kentucky – Single Color by

18. New Orleans

18-New-Orleans-3NOLA was an awesome place with a lot of culture and diversity attached to it. We loved the food, the music and the people!

Map of New Orleans – Single Color by

19. Maine


Maine was a beautiful place! I actually wanted to do my picture at Acadia National Park, but there was a cold front and it was BITTERLY cold and rainy! We settled for this cute little location on the side of the road. It was also f-f-f-f-f-reeeeezing!

Map of Maine – Single Color by

20. Maryland


We initially planned to do the Maryland shoot in Washington D.C being ignorant tourists we only later learnt that Washington is it’s own district. So that ruled that option out. A little bit of a google told us that Maryland is famous for it’s sunflowers. And then we found this cute field.

Map of Maryland – Single Color by

21. Massachusetts


Boston was awesome, and what better way to capture the essence of Boston, than with the Red Sox! See what we did here…?

Map of Massachusetts – Single Color by

22. Michigan


I loved this photo because we are both huge eminem fans! So we visited his old house, which has actually been demolished, and we went to 8 mile. I decided to do my dress shoot pulling a classic eminem pose.

Map of Michigan – Single Color by

23. Minnesota


Minnesota has this cool sculpture garden with a whole bunch of different artsy sculptures. One of these, was the Cherry & Spoon. We thought it made a fun backdrop!

Map of Minnesota – Single Color by

24. Mississippi


Where else do the Mississippi shoot than in front of the grand Mississippi!

Map of Mississippi – Single Color by

25. Missouri


Missouri was actually the very last state that we drove to (we still had to fly to Hawaii at this stage) but we were exhausted, feeling accomplished and excited. I decided to do a “sigh of relief” themed shoot for this state.

Map of Missouri – Single Color by

26. Montana


Yes I climbed up all those hay barrels in my dress! I love this photo!

Map of Montana – Single Color by

27. Nebraska


We googled what to see and do in Nebraska and Chimney Rock came up in first place every time. So we decided to do the dress shoot here.

Map of Nebraska – Single Color by

28. Nevada


Ahh, Las Vegas; the one place where I didn’t feel like a sore thumb in my wedding dress! This was at New York New York.

Map of Nevada – Single Color by

29. New Hampshire


The theme of this picture was “smell the flowers in New Hampshire”

Map of New Hampshire – Single Color by

30. New Jersey


We got up at 4am to go and watch the sunrise over New York from the New Jersey side. It was seriously breathtaking. This was the first time I’d ever seen the statue of Liberty.

Map of New Jersey – Single Color by

31. New Mexico

31-New Mexico-02

This picture pretty much encapsulates the entire landscape of New Mexico.

Map of New Mexico – Single Color by

32. New York


My favourite movie is Bride Wars starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. June weddings at the Plaza! Made the ideal spot for the New York shoot. And the Yellow Taxi cabs capture New York perfectly!

Map of New York – Single Color by

33. North Carolina


We thought that Old Yates Mill would make an awesome backdrop for the North Carolina shoot.

Map of North Carolina – Single Color by

34. North Dakota

34-North Dakota

This was one of those classic “side of the road” attractions. It seemed very American at the time, so I thought it would make for a cool ‘trash the dress’ backdrop.

Map of North Dakota – Single Color by

35. Ohio


This was an abandoned church in Ohio. There is still a grand piano inside there; which is the reason we came to this location. However, all the doors were locked and there was no real way of getting in. So we settled for the outside of the building. It’s still pretty amazing how all that shrubbery has grown around the building.

Map of Ohio – Single Color by

36. Oklahoma


Okay, so I used a little bit of Photoshop to get this one looking just right. I mean c’mon it’s Oklahoma – Tornado capital. I had fun doing this one!

Map of Oklahoma – Single Color by

37. Oregon


Crater Lake is the deepest shade of blue that I have ever seen! It was so beautiful!

Map of Oregon – Single Color by

38. Pennsylvania


Had to recreate the famous Rocky scene at THE steps where it was filmed!

Map of Pennsylvania – Single Color by

39. Rhode Island


When I found out that there was an actual Spooner St in Rhode Island I couldn’t resist doing a photoshoot with the Griffin family.

Map of Rhode Island – Single Color by

40. South Carolina


This park in downtown South Carolina was STUNNING! It was like being in a fairytale.

Map of South Carolina – Single Color by

41. South Dakota


Another iconic American backdrop ticked off the list with this shoot!

Map of South Dakota – Single Color by

42. Tennessee


The music capital of the USA; I think this picture captured that essence pretty nicely!

Map of Tennessee – Single Color by

43. Texas


Texans love their guns – and I had fun posing for this trash the dress shoot!

Map of Texas – Single Color by

44. Utah


Utah was gorgeous!!! We want to come back here in the future and explore more of it. There is so much interesting landscape and scenery to see!

Map of Utah – Single Color by

45. Vermont


aaahh! A bear! Not really.. But Vermont does have a lot of them.

Map of Vermont – Single Color by

46. Virginia


Trains make for very pretty photoshoots!

Map of Vermont – Single Color by

47. Washington


Pike Place Markets was the perfect spot in Seattle to take this picture. And the guys at the fish shop were super helpful and understanding!

Map of Washington – Single Color by

48. West Virginia


This was another side of the road to snap the perfect shot – lucky West Virginia is beautiful! We loved all the steel bridges

Map of West Virginia – Single Color by

49. Wisconsin


Yep, that’s a foam cheese hat! Wisconsin is famous for cheese after all!

Map of Wisconsin – Single Color by

50. Wyoming



We found an awesome rocky area in Yellowstone to snap this picture! It was a lot of climbing but so worth it!

Map of Wyoming – Single Color by
Special thanks to my amazing husband for helping me in and out of my dress in each state – and also for snapping these amazing photos! Love you always!!

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  • November 4, 2015 at 9:06 pm

    Very cool images from Trash the Dress photo shoot it . Interesting colors and composition. Good luck in the future!


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