Why we were disappointed with the Everglades National Park

So, Drikus and I were in Florida recently, which meant a visit to the Everglades! Here are some happy snaps of our time there.


Bet you’re wondering why we were disappointed with it….

1. Not because of the beautiful scenery everywhere

2. Not because of the 100+ gators we saw

3. Not because of our amazingly beautiful 15 mile cycle, IN THE RAIN!

4. Not because of the beautiful birds with the stunning vibrant red and gold circles on their wings

5. Not because of the shark valley observation tower (where we didn’t see any sharks by the way!)

6. Not because we love the wetlands

Because, after spending four weeks of labor intensive, incredibly hard work renovating and sweating it out working on our RV, fixing the entire roof and all the water damage, the vultures, yes vultures came and destroyed all of those hard efforts within 20 short minutes. Check out the video for yourselves. Sigh.

Other than that, the everglades was amazing. Seriously, being so close to those gators and seeing all the wetlands is an amazing experience!!

But those damn vultures!


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