Seward| Alaska

Alaska, why are you so beautiful! Seriously, everything so far has just been incredibly scenic! We have been blown away. Alaska is definitely on the fast track to quickly becoming one of our favourite states so far.

We visited Seward today. The lake houses above were definitely one of the highlights. They must have the most incredible views! Dream. That lake below the houses had huge fish swimming in it, and there were a few people fishing. It was just amazing.

Oh, and as we were driving today, we saw a dolphin! I was too slow to capture a pic, but this was pretty cool to see!

Here are our happy snaps from Seward. It was a super quaint little place, and had heaps of cool shops with cute touristy stuff in them! My favourite was the below moose wine holder. I’m wishing we bought that now, dang!


So cute! Here are the rest of our happy snaps!


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