5 things I never knew about Niagara Falls – Canada

I can’t believe that I get to say that I’ve seen Niagara Falls. We saw it from both the Canadian side and the US side. Each side is unique in it’s own way.

Here are five observations of mine after viewing the falls for the first time ever from the Canadian side.

1. It’s not spelt NIAGRA falls…there is an extra A in there

2. It’s super commercialised on the Canadian side, but I kind of liked that

3. You view it from the top looking down. For some reason in my head I always thought it would be at ground level.

4. There is SO MUCH water! Seriously, it just keeps on coming!

5. You can pay to see it at ground level, but be prepared to get super wet!

And as always, here are some happy snaps.


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