The 4th of July & A Baseball Game

For those of you who didn’t know this, my dad joined us for the Alaska leg of our trip! It was so nice seeing him again (he lives in Hong Kong) and was great to have him join us. I was excited to show off our RV!

Anyway, it was my first 4th of July here in the US and I was very excited about it. We were in a store the day before, and the guy serving me goes “have a great fourth!” LOVED IT!  So to celebrate, we found out that there was an annual baseball game that the two local teams play and this was their centennial game! How exciting.

We picked my dad up from the airport, let him settle in a bit. Then we headed to the game. It’s still so weird getting used to the fact that the sun sets so late here, actually it hardly even ‘sets’.

The picture at the top of this page was taken at 11pm!

As you do at any game here in the states, we drank beer and ate game food. so. much. fun.

NO FIREWORKS THOUGH!!! there was a fire ban because it’s been super dry (they haven’t been to Australia yet! to know what dry it)

Oh well, here are our happy snaps!


Oh, those red things in one of the picture were raffle tickets. Everyone can buy some and then the winner takes the pot of the amount of money that was collected by people purchasing the tickets. We didn’t win 🙁


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  • August 18, 2015 at 8:20 am

    Sounds like a great experience!


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