An Alaskan Sunset



Many people have asked us about our ‘most memorable’ moments on this trip so far. That’s a really hard question to answer. Writing this post, I’m starting to definitely see that this sunset we watched was definitely one of those moments.

We arrived at our campsite at about 7.30pm. We ate some dinner, had a few drinks. Then we collected some firewood. At about 11/11.30 the sun started to ‘set’

It was at that moment that the skies started to turn bright shades of oranges and reds. It was so stunningly beautiful!! We took some snaps. And then the sun went behind the mountains in the distance.

It stayed twilight like this for another 4 hours, and we stayed up watching. There was one point where we could see 5 stars, and that was a lot!

At about 3am the sun started to rise again. It was the craziest thing we’d ever seen. 24 hours of daylight!

Check out the pics for yourselves.

Alaskian Sunset

Can you believe that all of these photos were taken AFTER 8pm at night! Seriously, some of those blue skies! The campsite we stayed at was right on the pebble beach. The guys really enjoyed skipping stones. We made a huge fire that lasted all night. This was an awesome night!

Oh, also, did I mention that the sun was setting over a volcano? Yea! Check out the below pic, you can clearly see it.


Alaska! *swoon!*


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